Thanks to our Funders - The National Lottery Community Fund, we are able to carry out our Care for Carers Project


This crisis-response project exists to increase capacity to care for BME community care-givers and protect vulnerable young people and children by providing relief of carers through support and training to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. Our virtual COVID-19 Bereavement training aim empower them with the right tools for coping with a range of psychosocial challenges.

We have been distributing culture-specific food parcels to disadvantaged BME families and individuals in our local communities in the South East London Greenwich Borough. 

To take part and volunteer, email us at:

We need your help to reach more underserved Youth in our communities

Thanks to our sponsors GGI, our runners are getting in gear, ready for the 5K run this Saturday to raise funds for our Care for Carers Project. It’s not too late to register to attend. Come and support our runners whilst enjoying a Caribbean carnival themed party. Join the fun and Let’s close out this summer with a bang! Make it a night to remember. All roads lead to Richmond next Saturday 11 September from 6pm sharp. See you there!

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We did it!!! Ran and completed the 5K Cayman Island Sundowner Saturday night in beautiful Richmond. Ran, Got the medals & T-shirts to prove it & we enjoyed ourselves! Was fun to meet up with JCI members for such a good cause to support disadvantaged informal carers and refugees in our community. Exhausted but elated. Well done and thank you to all who participated and supported. So far we have raised £300 towards our project. Thank you. Our donation link is still active so please continue to support us here:

Shopping for cost-effective nutritious food for underserved members of our community. Our Volunteer, Azem introduces the order of the day

Our volunteer Mercy shares her thoughts

Emmanuel setting the intent for the day and inviting more people to volunteer in the next Food parcel distribution

A very successful day, with volunteers and staff coming together to shop, organise and distribute food parcels for the underserved members of our community.

Met with one of our local Greenwich councillors, Ann-Marie who commended our work and collaborative partnership for greater community impact.


An overall enjoyable day with grateful recipients and awesome volunteers


The food we were organising

Found a little time to learn Salsa dancing during our break

Our Founder Epi shares some highlights of the day

Volunteer Testimonials on how they experienced the whole day

Overall very enjoyable and they are all eager to come back and help the community again next month

Christmas is the time to give and show love. Thank you so much to all who donated towards our project – Care for Carers throughout the year. Some of you sponsored our 5K Run fundraising event, whilst others gave towards this project by participating in various activities we held this year in collaboration with other organisations. My team and I at Step Up Youth are eternally grateful. A great big thank you also to all our volunteers throughout the year.
During Christmas, we managed to purchase and distribute food hampers to those in need within our community including families, single parents, carers, the elderly, those in nursing homes and the homeless. Earlier in the year we collaborated with JCI London and NLCF to provide food parcels. What a blessing to see the glimmer of hope & smiles on people’s faces – for them it was enough just to know that there are other people thinking about them and lending a helping hand as they face the consequences of the pandemic.
Thank you to all our partners and sponsors who have helped keep this project going throughout the year. Service to humanity is the best work of life. Merry Christmas to you all from our hearts to yours.
(Photos shown were taken for only those that gave permission and consent)



April Saturday morning Early risers ensuring we feed the underprivileged in our community. Volunteering is one of the best & most fulfilling work of life. Find out more about how you can get involved in our projects and programs:

Words of thanks from Clockhouse Community Center for our partnership in providing food to those disproportionately affected. 

Partnership for Community impact. Serving our communities #careforcarers

Our team went shopping for Afrocentric food to provide to those who are struggling within our community as a result of COVID-19. 

Food shopping for those who are experiencing food poverty as a result of COVID-19  Thanks to our volunteers, partners & funders

Consented Testimonial from one of our grateful local recipient families within the BAME community

One of our volunteers speaks on the difference that our project Care for Carers is making in the community

Our team and volunteers got together last week to purchase, organise and deliver Afro-centric food parcels to the disadvantaged in our local communities. 

Observing social distancing rules with hygiene and safety, we were able to deliver 30 food parcels and also contribute to the only community center open during lockdown in our area- Clockhouse community Center as there is so much need.

We were also able to collect vouchers from Tesco for our beneficiaries to get some meat at their convenience as it is perishable. We are grateful to be making impact and coming together to help our community during this very difficult time of the COVID 19 pandemic. There is such dire need and a lot of food shortage amongst the BAME community in underprivileged areas of the borough. Join us on 20th February for another round of Food parcels Distribution.

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Step Up Youth in collaboration with Riverdene Roti Kitchen brings you: 


“An Evening Networking Meal Event for Caregivers and our Volunteers”


Thanks to our project partners at Riverdene Roti kitchen, our team met some of our caregivers for an evening meal in order to provide a meal, offer support and tackle stress & isolation. 


We strategised for our food parcels distribution as part of our Care for Carers project thanks to our funders NLCF. 

#CareForCarers #NationalLottery #NLCF @StepUpYouth @RiverdeneRoti

A pleasant evening with networking and Afro-Caribbean meal at Riverdene Roti. Thanks to our Partners and Funders #NationalLottery

Here’s a recording of the third training session for COVID-19 bereavement training with our Psychologist Sandra, who spoke to us about dealing with trauma and coping strategies. Join us this Friday 19th of February from 7 pm for some fun virtual activities to get out minds out of grief mode.

Come prepared to dance and be entertained. Register to join from 7pm-8:30 pm with various acts performing. 

Invite as many people as you can. Come, let’s have fun together!

Here’s our fourth training session with Transformational Life coach and Counsellor Dilys Sillah, who shared some strategies to cope with sudden bereavement.

Join us this Friday 19th of February from 7 pm for some fun virtual activities to get our minds out of grief mode. Come prepared to dance and be entertained. Register to join from 7pm-8:30 pm with various acts performing.

Invite as many people as you can. Come, let’s have fun together!

Listen to one of our young people at Step up youth – Munashe, speak to us about how he has been coping mentally and financially as a young person through the COVID-19 Pandemic. For the full version, go to Step Up Youth YouTube Channel.

Listen to our youngest talented member Eliza, as she plays the piano for us under Mum’s supervision. She was super excited to be part of the ‘Fun activities Night’ as her mum attends our online training sessions. For the full version, go to Step Up Youth YouTube Channel.

Be inspired as Mercy teaches us on mental health and coping during the pandemic. For the full version, go to Step Up Youth YouTube Channel.

Listen to our resident psychologist Sandra, as she explains how LOVE is the answer for all the challenges we face. For the full version, go to Step Up Youth YouTube Channel.

Be entertained as you listen to Dalia playing the African Piano called the ‘Mbira’, and serenades us with her sweet voice and powerful lyrics. For the full version, go to Step Up Youth YouTube Channel.

Munashe talks us through challenges of isolation & mental health & how he used the opportunity of lockdown to unlock his own financial literacy and start a fast growing group with 900 + subscribers  sharing ideas on stock market investment & cryptocurrency. 

Watch and learn as Coach Zorro takes us through African music & dance as we try to imitate him. For the full version, go to Step Up Youth YouTube Channel.






Are you or anyone you look after bereaved as a result of COVID-19? 

Join us from Friday 18th December for COVID-19 Bereavement training and support from qualified Psychologists, Counsellors and Trainers. 


Thanks to our Funders at – National Lottery Community Fund, we are able to put up this training to support you. There is also 1-1 counselling available. 

Email us at:

Join us on Friday 19th at 7pm sharp on zoom for a fun, relaxed variety session with various acts including: 
Dance session with Zoro (famous dance instructor); African instrument – mbira which will be played live & we will learn about its origin; Poetry Reading & reflecting; Mental health discussion – Looking for answers; and a talk from a young person who is investing in cryptocurrency to cope financially during the pandemic. All this will help us take our mind off the challenging season. 
Come prepared to interact, feedback and ask questions after every performance. We are taking a break from grief mode & this will be very informal so come prepared to dance & have a good time! 
Fun Activities Night! (2)


Another powerful session for our COVID-19 Bereavement training for carers, with a total of 25 attendees overall. Our Trainer, Dilys Sillah spoke to us about Navigating unexpected grief within the confines of culture. Here’s the recording


Like, follow and share this training with informal and formal carers in your circles. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Step Up Youth.


Also use the same zoom ID 698 128 6088 to join the next session on Friday 22nd Jan at 7pm where we will have our Psychologist – Sandra, delving deeper into the effects of trauma and how to deal with it. #COVID19


Had a very productive meeting on Tuesday with the manager of Clockhouse Community Center where we discussed partnership and collaboration for our project- Care for carers, in providing meals to the disadvantaged in our community.

There are facilities to cook ethnocentric meals and we will also deliver food parcels to those who are immobile especially during the lockdown. This is one of the very few centres that is still open to provide emergency services as there is so much need and food shortage within the community. 

We believe in creating partnerships for bigger impact. Many thanks to our funders- National Lottery Community Fund for making this possible. #Partnerships #Community #NationalLottery #Meals #FoodParcels #CareForCarers #StepUpYouth #Volunteer

What an amazing, insightful and enjoyable first training session we had! 17 people showed up to our first online COVID-19 Bereavement Training for the Care for Carers Project. So much positive feedback from our attendees who can’t wait for the second instalment on January 8 2021. Thanks to our trainers & Funders – National Lottery Community Fund for making it possible to support our carers & provide a platform for them to network & be equipped. Look out for our podcast for carers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for program updates with Step Up Youth.

Stay tuned for updates about our project and progress report