Step Up Youth is a Community Interest Company that was set up in response to the social injustice and structural barriers to education, employment and enterprise, particularly experienced by minority ethnic groups (BME) in the UK. With diversity and inclusion at the core of our existence, we provide skills training and development programmes that address these issues and empower young people to become great responsible future leaders with positive contributions to society. 


As a Social Enterprise, we have 2 division: 

  1. Trainings and Services  – This is the commercial side of the organisation where we focus on Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship training and opportunities for youth. 
  2. Community Projects and Programmes- This is the charitable side of the organisation where we deliver programmes, in collaboration with partners, funders and volunteers in order to give back and positively impact our communities. The 5 areas of focus are Leadership; Community Development; Creative Arts; Social Activities and Cultural heritage.


To provide learning and development opportunities that empower BAME youth to excel in their life, career and business pursuits, whilst shaping them to become great future leaders who make positive impact in their communities.


To be the leading organisation that creates diverse young leaders and active change makers in the UK


EXCELLENCE – Providing the best solutions and quality services to the highest standards of delivery

INTEGRITY – Open, honest, transparent and accountable stewardship in all we do

RESPECT – Value and honour All, regardless of age, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, or political persuasion

EMPOWERMENT – Equipping all individuals with tools, strategies and opportunities to reach their fullest potential

SYNERGY – We believe in teamwork, partnerships and collaborations with multi stakeholders with shared values to achieve desired results

Our Team

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Rosanne Neave

Training Director

Mary Mambwa

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